Blogger Speed Dating

Are you sick of just winging this blogging thing? Do you think you should have a plan for your blog but never have time to set goals? In Mel Knibb’s session, you will be sharing tips and tricks with other bloggers. Do not come expecting a lecture; you won’t get one! You will be fully involved, and so will your blog!

Perfect for all levels, whether you’re new to blogging, a seasoned veteran or haven’t even launched your blog yet!

What you get: Following a ‘blind date’ format, you will get a chance to discover a few new bloggers on a one-to-one basis. After a look at each other’s blog, you will have the opportunity to celebrate strengths and identify areas for development. By the end of the session, you will have a list of specific yet achievable targets for your blog, with an element of accountability to ensure you do reach those goals.