Learn how to take risks and be a little crazy

Marcin Jędras will be showing you how taking risks, being brave and maybe a little crazy can transform your blogging career from the ordinary to the epic! With examples of how his craziness pushed the blogging boundaries for him ad how it can help you too.

What you get: The confidence to take a few risk and useful ideas on how you can take your career to the next level.

Your blogging brand; look after it like a pro

You work hard to build an online presence and reputation, to get noticed and build successful relationships with audiences, brands and PRs. That positive reputation can be at risk if it’s not protected. Don’t rely upon luck, take action to safeguard your blogging brand! Kirsten Thompson will show you how.

What you get: This interactive session will include a number of actionable takeaways you can implement straightaway to keep your blogging brand in check.

How To Boost Your Blogging Creativity

Penny Alexander gives you the chance to get hands on with simple tricks which can significantly enhance your creative output as a blogger. From writing, to design, to film and photography – blogging is all about being a creative, but it can be hard to find the time to nurture your creative development. We’ll take time to make your creative action plan, to supercharge your creativity going forwards.

What you get: 50 ways to boost your blogging creativity. An action plan for your own creativity going forward. Lots of inspirational ideas to play straight away.

Who are we even blogging for? Why bother blogging at all?

Ask yourself, “Why do we blog, and who bothers to read it?” Are you feeling a little lost as to why you blog and what direction your blog should take next? ReeRee Rockette will show you the way! Your attitude towards the content you create can have profound effects on your blog.

What you get: A chance to reflect on what you want from your blog, as well as what your readers really want too.