How to be a six-figure blogger

Forget the income, its all about the six figures in your blog stats. Monica Stott will show you how to get to 100,000+ monthly visitors on your blog! Featuring tips and techniques to help you increase your traffic, get more followers and build a community around your blog.

What you get: You will learn how to increase traffic and create a long-term strategy to improve your blog. This isn’t about quick-fixes, it’s about big improvements to help in the long term.

Creating a Passive Income: How to use your expertise to create an e-course

The key to earning as a blogger is to diversify your revenue streams. Elizabeth Sellers will show you how to create a product that packages up you unique expertise and insights. You will learn exactly how to come up with an e-course idea, what tools you’ll need to create and run the e-course and how to package and sell it too.

What you get: Actionable strategies, a collection of resources, and a roadmap to get you started on creating your own e-course.

Blogger Speed Dating

Are you sick of just winging this blogging thing? Do you think you should have a plan for your blog but never have time to set goals? In Mel Knibb’s session, you will be sharing tips and tricks with other bloggers. Do not come expecting a lecture; you won’t get one! You will be fully involved, and so will your blog!

Perfect for all levels, whether you’re new to blogging, a seasoned veteran or haven’t even launched your blog yet!

What you get: Following a ‘blind date’ format, you will get a chance to discover a few new bloggers on a one-to-one basis. After a look at each other’s blog, you will have the opportunity to celebrate strengths and identify areas for development. By the end of the session, you will have a list of specific yet achievable targets for your blog, with an element of accountability to ensure you do reach those goals.

Working with Adland; how to sell without selling out

Ripping back the veil on advertising to show you what goes into a blogger / influencer campaign. Ben Jackson will show you what agencies look for in bloggers and what really great campaign ideas look like. Get noticed by adland while keeping your reputation in tact!

What you get: A clear set of methods and tips to collaborate with brands effectively, work professionally and still please your audience.

Bloggers, Reclaim Your Time! (How to optimise your schedule like a pro.)

Many of us bloggers have to juggle our online lives with a full-time job, social life and a bunch of other extracurriculars that make achieving any sort of balance rather difficult – at least, without tearing our hair out!

Jessica Johansen will show you how to proritise your big, beautiful blog goals, map out your schedule to free up as much time as you need to fulfil your dreams, go over a bunch of fun techniques to optimise your time.

What you get: Learn how to priorities your goals and tasks to get the big stuff done, guard your time without guilt. Plus productivity techniques to get your blogging done in an efficient, stress-free way.