SEO: How to increase traffic to your blog

SEO expert Rik Turner, from  digital marketing agency Propellernet, will be on hand during this drop in session to answer your questions on search engine optimisation and advise you on how to use SEO tactics to increase traffic to your blog, including using the google keyword tool amongst other tools.

What you get: Expert SEO advice from a consultant with five years of experience and practical tips to put in to action, which should result in improved traffic to your blog.

Note: Bring your laptop/ipad as you may wish to put some of the advice in to practice during the session.

The One Secret You Don’t Know You Know That Will Transform Your Blog Into A Business

Starting a blog but don’t know how to make money with it? Have one but aren’t making enough (or even 0) £££? Let me show you a very simple, extremely effective way to transform your blog into a business even if you haven’t got a blog yet!

What you get: A formula and a step by step plan that will have you ready to go as soon as you hit your laptop again!

How to harness your value and earn a living from your blog

Sarah and Terry Lee will show you why many bloggers fail to make money from their blog and will help you discover the tools you need to succeed. Taking a closer look at your value, power and strengths as a blogger in order to gain the confidence to negotiate great deals!

What you get: Put your business prowess to the test in our end of session contest. The winner will receive a relaxation-inducing Swedish massage to ease any tension and other goodies to have them match-fit for conference negotiations.

Free online tools to make life better

Digital marketing and outreach expert, Megan Mepham, will be sharing her favourite free ‘go to’ tools which are bound to make blogging life better. The session will including a simple way to promote your blog to brands, useful tools to improve your blogs appearance and helpful online resources to use to optimise your blogs visibility in search engines.   

Megan has been managing successful blogger campaigns for fashion and retail brands for five years – some of you may have even worked with her so come along and say hi! 

What you get:  Digital marketing advice from a consultant with five years of experience, you’ll not only find out how to use online tools which could save you time but also simple ways to better market your blog.

Who are we even blogging for? Why bother blogging at all?

Ask yourself, “Why do we blog, and who bothers to read it?” Are you feeling a little lost as to why you blog and what direction your blog should take next? ReeRee Rockette will show you the way! Your attitude towards the content you create can have profound effects on your blog.

What you get: A chance to reflect on what you want from your blog, as well as what your readers really want too.

What does your blog design say about you?

Becca Pusey takes a look at blog design and the message your blog gives to your readers, and to brands you’d like to work with. An interactive session covering the first impressions your own blog is making a well use of colour, how to use space effectively, ads, and more! Feel free to bring along any questions and opinions you might have!

What you get: The ability to look at your site objectively and think about the message that it’s sending to readers and brands. Useful notes specific to your design choices and a clear action to improve it!

Six Steps to Launch a Conventional Business from Your Blog

Amanda Mouttaki invites you to dig in deep during this session as we work together through six steps that will help you sketch out a plan to make your business dream a reality. From the conception phase through implementation Amanda will provide actionable steps and ideas to help you walk away ready to make your business dreams a reality. Bring a notebook, pen, and your wildest dreams!

What you get: An idea (or several) to build your own business as well as next steps to make it happen. Go beyond inspired with real actions you can implement.