Bloggers, Reclaim Your Time! (How to optimise your schedule like a pro.)

Many of us bloggers have to juggle our online lives with a full-time job, social life and a bunch of other extracurriculars that make achieving any sort of balance rather difficult – at least, without tearing our hair out!

Jessica Johansen will show you how to proritise your big, beautiful blog goals, map out your schedule to free up as much time as you need to fulfil your dreams, go over a bunch of fun techniques to optimise your time.

What you get: Learn how to priorities your goals and tasks to get the big stuff done, guard your time without guilt. Plus productivity techniques to get your blogging done in an efficient, stress-free way.

Creative Accounting

Expense like a boss and run like a fat cat. Creative Accounting run by Raj Dhokia is accounting for creatives and will cover the journey from idea to incorporated and everything you need to do to call yourself a business owner. Learn how to go legit in one hour and stop being scared of your accounts. Learn why all bloggers need insurance and get my Top Tips for DIY Books.

What you get: Learn what the HMRC want, what banks want and what you need to run your blog properly and keep as much money for yourselves as possible. Includes a quick personal review of your setup with recommendations.

Social Media Health Check

Is your social media fit as a fiddle? Or does it need some treatment? In this interactive session Elle Croft will show you the results of a health check I’ve completed on the Blogstock social media. I’ll then choose some volunteers to share their social media channels, and as a group we’ll take a look at what’s working and what could use some help. I’ll also share with you some of my expert tips, tricks and tools to help you on your way.

What you get: You’ll come away with a set of simple tasks that will make your social media more manageable while giving you the results you want.

Turning your blog into a Book!

It might seem that writing a book is relatively easy if you’re a blogger; we already have, of course, a blog full of words in our arsenal. Actually sitting down to turn those posts into an entertaining, logical, and meaningful book is not as easy as one may think, however. In this session Brenna Holeman will talk about her own struggles and breakthroughs with writing a book, highlighting the steps necessary from day one. Planning, scheduling, writing, editing, finding resources, and how to approach agents and publishers will all be touched upon.

What you get: Plenty of new tips, techniques and motivation to publish your own book thanks to your blog!

How To Effectively Market Your Blog

Do you want to raise awareness and drive more traffic to your blog? Leah will give you tips, techniques and ideas on what you can do market your blog effectively, and best of all they won’t cost you a penny!

What you get: Whether you’re a beginner and just starting out, or you want to develop your existing marketing skills, this session will give you the fundamentals you need to increase traffic to your blog and take it to the next level.

The Secrets of Lifestyle Blogging

Want to learn how to make money from simply living your life? Lela London will take you on a personal journey through over five years of blog partnerships (including being LG’s official London Fashion Week blogger & travelling the world with tourism boards). Whether your interests lie in fashion, beauty, travel, food, crafts, photography, or something entirely different, Lela will teach you how to make passion work in your favour!

What you get: A clear idea on running a successful lifestyle blog for yourself and making your blog work for you.