Some Great Free Blog Hosting Sites

A blog can be a great way for you to earn some extra money from your knowledge and experiences, or to simply connect with a large audience without ever having to leave your location. Sharing ideas with the rest of the world has never been easier. Today, there is a plethora of web hosting services that offer you the chance to own a blog at no cost! Of course, each web hosting site below has its own perks. Some are geared towards people who want full customization ability while others are geared to non-techy people who want to be guided every step of the way. Some are geared toward people who want to attract outside audiences while others are geared for people who want an “in-built” audience. Others are best for those looking for a social media feel, while others are great for the writer. Whichever category you find yourself in, the list below will have a free blog hosting site for you! Keep reading to find out more.

WIX- Intuitive and Accessible

Set up in 2006 in Israel, this web hosting platform has perfected the art of simplifying complicated web processes, for the blogger who has no background in web development. The site is perfect for a blogger who wants amazing customization abilities without the hustle of having to be a techie. The interface is very clean and modern and doesn’t look challenging at all. And did I mention it’s free? Indeed, you don’t necessarily need a premium plan to set up your blog with this site. The beauty about it though is that when you are ready to take the next step to become a professional blogger, you won’t have to switch your web hosting service. This is because WIX has incredible customization options!

WordPress- An Established Free Web Hosting Service

Having been set up in 2003, WordPress has been around for quite some time now and is still very popular. Truth be told, it is geared more towards the hands-on blogger than the complete newbie. WordPress comes in two flavors; and The major difference between the two is that in the former you are given an option to download WordPress therefore, in essence, you host your own site. Needless to say, this perk comes with a lot of freedom. In the latter, you can simply sign up and create your free website. Of course, the free option comes with some caveats. For one, you have to live with WordPress advertising on your site. Moreover, monetization options are severely limited and there is a 3gb limit on space. Be that as it may, if you’re looking for a free blog hosting service, WordPress is well established hosting service.

Medium- Ready Access to a Large Audience

We mentioned that some blog hosting services are geared more towards people who want a ready audience. is one such service. With Medium as long as you have an account, you have a ready audience of more than sixty million readers a month. Some of the perks that come with this are that you do not have to worry about exposure. Another perk with Medium is that the interface is so stress-free. As a writer, all you want to do is concentrate on your writing. Medium allows you to do so with their simple to use interface. A downside is that since you are technically writing for the site, you may not have the ownership freedom that comes with having your own blog like at Wix and WordPress. Be that as it may, Medium offers a fantastic opportunity to build a fanbase while improving your writing confidence.

Tumblr- A Social Media Site and Blog Service Hybrid

Now that social media influencing has become a serious moneymaker, wouldn’t you want a site that offers the best of both worlds? If so, Tumblr offers exactly that. Most other blog hosting sites are geared more toward the writer. Tumblr is much more relaxed and flexible. Maybe all you want to do is share your photos, gifs or jokes online on one day and on the other you want to share a great story. Tumblr allows you to do all this in one social media/blog service hybrid. Granted, this site leans more towards personal use and may not be best as a business blog. It nevertheless still allows you to have ads on your site, which is great!

SEO: How to increase traffic to your blog

SEO expert Rik Turner, from  digital marketing agency Propellernet, will be on hand during this drop in session to answer your questions on search engine optimisation and advise you on how to use SEO tactics to increase traffic to your blog, including using the google keyword tool amongst other tools.

What you get: Expert SEO advice from a consultant with five years of experience and practical tips to put in to action, which should result in improved traffic to your blog.

Note: Bring your laptop/ipad as you may wish to put some of the advice in to practice during the session.

Mobile Photography for Social Media

Struggle to keep your social media accounts pretty, interesting, engaging and professional? Learn how to use lighting and composition plus beautiful flattering filters to create amazing images (included selfies) with 3 easy steps. Keep everyone addicted to your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter even when you take pictures using your phone – no professional camera needed.

The One Secret You Don’t Know You Know That Will Transform Your Blog Into A Business

Starting a blog but don’t know how to make money with it? Have one but aren’t making enough (or even 0) £££? Let me show you a very simple, extremely effective way to transform your blog into a business even if you haven’t got a blog yet!

What you get: A formula and a step by step plan that will have you ready to go as soon as you hit your laptop again!

Be a YouTuber now and how to get 40,000 subscribers

Youtube is the most powerful tool not only for traffic but also to position yourself as an expert and to separate you from the rest of the crowd. You’ll create loyalty 1000 times faster through your channel but you need to know how. Ximena de la Serna will teach you all the tips and tools that helped me create my 36,000+ Youtube following with almost half a million views a month while drive amazing traffic and paying customers to my blog.

What you get: Proven techniques to grow your subscriber numbers and become a profession YouTuber!

How to be a six-figure blogger

Forget the income, its all about the six figures in your blog stats. Monica Stott will show you how to get to 100,000+ monthly visitors on your blog! Featuring tips and techniques to help you increase your traffic, get more followers and build a community around your blog.

What you get: You will learn how to increase traffic and create a long-term strategy to improve your blog. This isn’t about quick-fixes, it’s about big improvements to help in the long term.

Learn how to take risks and be a little crazy

Marcin Jędras will be showing you how taking risks, being brave and maybe a little crazy can transform your blogging career from the ordinary to the epic! With examples of how his craziness pushed the blogging boundaries for him ad how it can help you too.

What you get: The confidence to take a few risk and useful ideas on how you can take your career to the next level.

Your blogging brand; look after it like a pro

You work hard to build an online presence and reputation, to get noticed and build successful relationships with audiences, brands and PRs. That positive reputation can be at risk if it’s not protected. Don’t rely upon luck, take action to safeguard your blogging brand! Kirsten Thompson will show you how.

What you get: This interactive session will include a number of actionable takeaways you can implement straightaway to keep your blogging brand in check.

How To Boost Your Blogging Creativity

Penny Alexander gives you the chance to get hands on with simple tricks which can significantly enhance your creative output as a blogger. From writing, to design, to film and photography – blogging is all about being a creative, but it can be hard to find the time to nurture your creative development. We’ll take time to make your creative action plan, to supercharge your creativity going forwards.

What you get: 50 ways to boost your blogging creativity. An action plan for your own creativity going forward. Lots of inspirational ideas to play straight away.

Supercharge Your Instagram Account!

Julie Falconer will teach you how to take your Instagram activities to the next level, with tips on everything from photography and video to engagement, traffic, and even monetisation.

What you get: -Tips for improving your content on Instagram. Advice for how to maximize your reach and engagement. An understanding of how to drive traffic. Useful information about how to work with brands and monetise your account. Actionable ways to measure your performance.